Multimedia Real-time Profiler

Challenging the future of multimedia profiled-targeted TV advertising.

  • Multimedia Real-time Profiler (or MRP) has been created for the digital broadcasting market (DVB-x, DAB, IP-TV, VoD, WebTV) and, more generally, for the digital entertainment market linked to the use and distribution of multi-media content.
  • The purpose is to observe user behaviour, identifying their preferences with Advanced Analytics techniques, and associating the behaviour in real time with a typical consumption profile (User Persona).
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Household-sized spots

Exploit on EU Market (and extra-EU) a platform able to transform the video broadcast advertising model, to a User-Persona profile based spot.

Auto profiling

Distinguishes different compositions of the household unit. Based on acquired data, MRP automatically identifies user's profile in real time, based on the use of the contents.

MRP applies advanced analytics technics and Machine Learning algorithms enabling real-time household behavior profiling.

Privacy compliant

Privacy by design and fully GDPR compliant; without requiring login, and changing user experience, MRP stores actions according to consent and learns users' behaviors.

Flexible architecture

MRP can be installed on Decoder, Smart TV, Smartphone, Website and works both "on premise" and "software-as-a-service" mode.

MRP functional approach

MRP identifies a subset of constantly updated commercial profiles and assigns the commercial profile to the users who are using the device.


Usage Mode


Accuracy = 72%


Accuracy = 55%


Accuracy = 15%


Accuracy = 2%

GDPR Compliant Privacy Proof

Subscriber Multi-user

Household Example
Current Audience
Icon of a business man
Icon of a business woman
Icon of a boy
Icon of a girl


Icon of a decoder
Icon of a tablet
Icon of a television
Smart TV
Icon of the planet Earth
Icon of a smartphone

Device ID

Lucy's Households Device_iD


Profiled ADS

Profiled Content

Profiled EPG

Up-Selling PayTV

. . .

MRP Device Fit

  • Available for decoder/set-top-box (also if not connected).
  • Firmware update with MRP or Web App for STB.
  • Seamless interaction with user actions, profiles kept in the device memory.
  • Available for Smart TVs (also if not connected).
  • Installation as a Web App for Smart TV.
  • Available for Apple, Microsoft and Linux Os PC
  • Installation as an App for Smart TV.
  • Seamless interaction with user actions, profiles kept in the device memory.

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