Our Identity

Ares2t is a growing Italian SME, based in Rome and founded in September 2013. Our aim is to foster innovation, cooperating with leading european research bodies, to develop novel, over-the-network, data-driven, sustainable business models.

We believe that the development of smarter and more interconnected networks in energy, communications and transportation will lead to a better life and a more sustainable world.

Core Values

We believe companies are built on ideas, people and principles.

Our value footprint is:

People First

We believe and invest in people of value and in the value of people.

Italian Ingenuity

We believe the italian creativity and the “make in Italy” can still significantly contribute to change our society and the world for the better.

Partner of Choice

We build long-lasting customer relationships founded on mutual respect, trust and reliability.

Problem Solving

We bring effective results by solving real problems in a sustainable ecosystem for the business, the social and the environment.

Core Skills

Next Generation ICT addicted,  with proven distinctive focus in data driven innovation for:

New and more sustainable mobility paradigms based on electro-mobility, active demand services over the smart grid, internet of future (5G), artificial intelligence, door-to-door solutions;

Customer engagement 4.0, leading the change in a novel digital media (patented) smart advertising and machine learning based customer relationships.

Contact us

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  • Phone:
  • +39 349 440 3221
  • Registered office:
  • Via Cristoforo Colombo, 440 - 00145 Rome (Italy)