Who we are

Oriano Biscuola

Chief Executive Officer

Silvia Canale

Chairman of the Board

Yuri Chianese

Chief Growth Officer

Alessandro Di Giorgio

Chief Research Officer

Vincenzo Suraci

Chief Technology Officer

Our Positioning

Applied Research to Technologies, also called Ares2t in short, was founded in September 16th 2013 in Rome (Italy), by 6 entrepreneurs who have the dream to unleash the potential of italian ingenuity, building innovative products and solutions from IPRs generated in Universities, Research Centers or internally.

The foundations of our company are a solid connection between the contamination of single experiences brought to the company by founders and equity partners who shared IPRs, relationship, technologies and operating models.

We have a different innovation approach since, instead of building a single solution, we focus on synergies and value proposition that different vertical solutions may bring to the market.

Our company delivers data-driven-innovation, since all founders have skills and experiences in Data Science, Operation Research, System Engineering and Automation.

We position ourselves as integrators of networks thanks to our company footprint in SMART-X verticals such as Smart-grids, Mobility & transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Relationship Management, Telecommunication (5G) which are our Innovation Building Blocks.

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