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About us

Ares2t is a growing Italian SME, based in Italy and founded in September 2013.

Our aim is to foster innovation, cooperating with leading european research bodies, to develop novel, over-the-network, data-driven, sustainable business models.

We believe in a more sustainable world for a better life

what can we do for you?

Our company delivers data-driven-innovation, since all founders have skills and experiences in Data Science, Operation Research, System Engineering and Automation.

We position ourselves as integrators of networks thanks to our company footprint in SMART-X verticals such as Smart-grids, Mobility & transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Relationship Management, Telecommunication (5G) which are our Innovation Building Blocks.

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Smart Electro Mobility

Modular services that allow clients to manage Smart Grid services at a distributed level.

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Customer Engagement

Integration of digital and physical channels, to better analyze data and understand customer needs.

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Project Planning & Management

A platform with all the tools for Planning, Control, Technical and Administrative Mangement.

We have a different innovation approach since, instead of building a single solution, we focus on synergies and value proposition that different vertical solutions may bring to the market.

Our Clients

we aim to create strong synergies

Our goal is the development of solutions focused on creating synergies between service networks such as electrical smart grids, advanced communications (5G, Sat, next gen internet), urban mobility, drive to store.

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