Project Planning & Management

Audit proof Project Management System

  • PMS is Audit-proof Management System that can manage multiple projects lifecycle, multiple partners, personnel and contracts.
  • With PMS it is possibile to plan the project effort and budget to meet the targets, manage the project travels and indirect costs.
  • PMS offers support to timesheet creation, early management mistakes detection and solution, document management and validation.
Image of a hand editing a virtual gantt chart

Typical Problems with Project Management vs Our Solution

Without Ares2T Project management System

With Ares2T Project Management System

It's Secure

  • Account authentication and authorization
  • Data are stored in the cloud
  • Daily backups
  • Actions can be monitored and undone
  • Human erros and mistakes are detected automatically
  • Human erros and mistakes can be solved both manually or automatically
  • The electronic and paper documentation coherence is guaranteed by Qr-code technology

It's Simple

  • HTML5 (Web based) GUI
  • Device indenpendent (PC, Tablet or smartphone)
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • Data extraction as Excel files

Forget burocracy and focus on your business

  • Set the budget and effort targets
  • Set the personnel contracts/travels
  • Set a macro-period plan (man months)
  • Set a micro plan (man hours)
  • Create audit-proof, error-free timesheets

PMS functional approach

Graph illustrating the operation of the Project Management product

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