Our Partners

We cooperate with leading european research bodies, to develop novel, over-the-network, data-driven, sustainable business models.

Logo Assintel Associazione Nazionale Imprese ICT

Assintel is the national association of reference for ICT and digital companies, and adheres to "Confcommercio - Imprese per l'Italia", the largest business confederation of Italian tertiary sector.

Logo Elis Open Italy

Elis goal is to enhance and promote the role of Large Companies as changemaker through the values of "coopetition" and new training trends, in order to create an impact on business and society.

Contaminaction Hub logo

The ContaminactionHub is a bridge between the academic research and the business world, to unleash the value of the knowledge. It is based on the awareness that the culture of cooperation feeds the innovative drive to promote the ContaminAction between different realities.

Logo Confcommercio Roma

Confcommercio Roma is an association of Commerce, Tourism, Services and Professional Activities enterprises belonging to "Confcommercio - Imprese per l'Italia", the largest representative organization in the country.

5G Solutions logo

The project aims to prove and validate that 5G provides prominent industry verticals with ubiquitous access to a wide range of forward-looking services with orders of magnitude of improvement over 4G, thus bringing the 5G vision closer to realisation.

5G Eve logo

5G EVE is one of the three European Validation platform for Extensive trials creating the foundations for 5G end-to-end networks in Europe involving 28 project partners.

Piiu logo

PIIU is a nonprofit organization with the mission of creating value and facilitating linkage between academia and industry, in the Technology Innovation domain. Ares2T and PIIU are working jointly on several H2020 Innovation projects proposals.

Cyber Ethics Lab logo

CyberEthicsLab is an Italian-based SME with 25 years of knowledge and experience in innovation and front-end technologies. One holistic vision is devoted to their mission of promoting the ethical and secure adoption of technology and suitable management best practices.

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