About Us

We believe companies are built on ideas, people and principles.

Who is Ares2T

Applied Research to Technologies s.r.l. is an Innovative SME born in 2013 in Rome as an independent spin off of Automatic Research and Telecommunications Center
(of which Sapienza University of Rome is a founding member together with Thales Alenia Space and Polytechnic of Bari).

What we aim for

We are a reality that has as its goal the development of solutions focused on creating synergies between service networks such as electrical smart grids, advanced communications (5G, Sat, next gen internet), urban mobility, drive to store.

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Our Value Proposition

We enable companies solving innovation challenges sustainably (economic, environmental, social) unleashing impactful synergies.

Our achievements

In recent years Ares2t has received numerous awards and is also mentioned among the 100 Italian success stories on electric mobility.

A successful team

Our entrepreneurial team consists of a group of people with proven track record of individual success and strong complementarity of


of networks

We believe that the main challenges of innovation are linked to extracting sustainable value by the integration of energy networks, mobility, communication and economy.

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