Customer Engagement

"Onlife" Customer Dynamics

Customizing and optimizing interaction with potential and active customers goes beyond CRM.
It requires the integration of digital and physical channels, a new way of working, of knowing how to analyze data to understand customer needs.

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Goals of the CRM Strategy

Our new generation CRM allows to evolve customer acquisition and development strategies through the following “pillars”:

Enable the Phygidal

Track interactions at each point of contact.
Enable the "drive-to-store" using the collaboration between digital (facebook, google) and traditional (telephone, shop, doctors) channels.
Simplify the follow-up of digital marketing campaigns.

Manage interactions

Simplify the management of agendas, optimizing the allocation of activities by channel, location, activity.
Manage personal goals of collaborators.

Digitizing Processes

Enable the access of customers to the store by monitoring the relation from the appointment to the visit.
Manage customer files digitally and accessible to the team.
Contracts with graphometric signature.
Integrated electronic invoicing.

Work from Everywhere

Enable the use of the application in any connected context.

Manage the Customer Cycle

Enable Data Intelligence and Data Analytics tools to support new customer development strategies (e.g. Next Best Action)

Logical Architecture

MRP identifies a subset of constantly updated commercial profiles and assigns the commercial profile to the users who are using the device.

Graph illustrating the operation of the Customer Engagement product

Data-centric Customer Value

Customer behavior data is “key” to predicting and satisfying customer needs.



data-driven customer relationships



enhanced, AI-based, customer analytics



advanced customer strategies

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