We are integrators of networks

We believe that the main challenges of innovation are linked to extracting sustainable value by the integration of energy networks, mobility, communication and economy.

We enable companies solving innovation challenges sustainably (economic, environmental, social) unleashing impactful synergies
between communication, energy and mobility networks by developing, bundling and transferring applied research to the market using a flexible building block service setup model.

We are a reality that has as its goal the development of solutions focused on creating synergies between service networks such as electrical smart gridsadvanced communications (5G, Sat, next gen internet), urban mobilitydrive to store.

Abstract image of interconnections and synergies on a blue background

Our core Values

We believe companies are built on ideas, people and principles.

We believe in the positive contamination of people, cultures and ideas for a sustainable global society economically, environmentally and socially.

People First

We believe and invest in people of value and in the value of people.

Italian Ingenuity

We believe the italian creativity and the “make in Italy” can still significantly contribute to change our society and the world for the better.

Partner of Choice

We build long-lasting customer relationships founded on mutual respect, trust and reliability.

Problem Solving

We bring effective results by solving real problems in a sustainable ecosystem for the business, the social and the environment.

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