Smart Electro Mobility

We enable citizens and companies to optimize the operational efficiency of electric vehicles by promoting the optimal use of resources for smart grid operators.

  • A urban mobility platform that integrates and industrializes, for the smart city and for the smart company, elementary services developed by Ares2t Research and Development, and which are tested in evolved 5G field test environments (eg Torino Smart City 5G).
  • It provides electric mobility solutions to increase usability for citizens and / or companies, generating efficiency and therefore lower costs both from an economic and environmental point of view.
  • It also provides services and solutions that allow you to manage Smart Mobility services for local POI (point of interest) such as IOT-Enabled Logistics services (eg Smart Pickup and Delivery, Smart Waste Management) with the aim of synchronizing the paths of collection vehicles with the presence of material to be withdrawn.
Picture of an electric car recharging

Smart charging scenario

Following the “as-a-Service” model, Charge Advisor provides the Charging Operator with advanced functionalities for users and DSO in terms of navigation, charging control and active demand services.

Trip Planner

We make the electric mobility experience enjoyable with a practical tool that allows you to plan a trip and recharge vehicles in an "intelligent" way, that is, respecting both the preferences of the drivers and the power constraints of the network.
Instead of a complex and stressful charging experience, we provide transparent access to power charging from the power grid.

Charging operators looking for a fully managed and controlled charging solution, respecting the needs of customers and stakeholders, will be able to provide a plug-in service, scalable, compliant with regulations, with savings on recharging and installation costs, and an improvement in the number of refills.

Load Area Controller

Enable the EV User to remotely interact with Charging Stations to reserve the recharging slot and to acquire user constraints and preferences.

Macro Load Area Aggregator

Deliver smart charging, using active demand products, matching smart grid constraints and driver preferences.

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Use Case: Smart Charging

Graph illustrating the operation of the Smart Electro Mobility product

Success Stories

Enel Group Smart Charging: 2016-19

  • Integration of Smart Charging services with EMSP, and V2G evolution.
  • Charging Point analytics (CP, User, Geography,…).
  • Smart Charging demonstration at the 2017 Formula E Berlin GP.
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Next Gen EV Platform: 2019 - 2021

We are part of the RTI (Temporary Business Network) which designs and develops the new EMSP platform for Enel-X Global to manage the new generation services on vehicle recharging (V2G, G2x DRS,…).

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Next Gen EV Platform: 2019 - 2022

Leader of the Smart Energy Living lab which involves the development of:

  • UC 2.1: Industrial Demand Side Management
  • UC 2.2: Electrical Vehicle Smart Charging
  • UC 2.3: Electricity network frequency stability
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