Innovative Solutions for the Digital Economy
Who we are

We are a young Italian start-up, based in Rome and founded in September 2013, with the aim to foster innovation from applied research results, conducted by leading universities and research centres, to develop novel Future Internet and Clean Technologies ready for the market.

What we are expert in

We are expert in next generation ICT with strong capability in designing, planning, implementing and providing assistance for innovative solutions with particular focus on Smart Electro-Mobility, Future Internet, Mobile Apps, Big Data and Machine Learning

Why we are special

We are distinguished by our freshness of thought (70% ownership under 40 y/o), ability to innovate and ability to execute. We believe that the European and the Global markets are the right competitive arena for the "make in Italy". We nurture international relationships, skills and experience.

Why we are a team

Our founders come from different experiences allowing us to cover very well the skills required to address the market, the industry, the management and the R&D issues that a start-up has to face.

Why we are focused

Our background come from Sapienza, University of Rome, but in the first two years of our life, we directly co-operated with Large Companies in Europe and leading Research Centres such as JRC, Ispra and CRAT, Rome.

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