Java developer

We want specialists that have experience working in fast growing companies and that need to work within a dynamic, innovative and constantly evolving workplace.

Our Company

Ares2t is a growing Italian SME, based in Rome and founded in September 2013.

Our company delivers data-driven-innovation, since all founders have skills and experiences in Data Science, Operation Research, System Engineering and Automation.

We position ourselves as integrators of networks thanks to our company footprint in SMART-X verticals such as Smart-grids, Mobility & transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Relationship Management, Telecommunication (5G) which are our Innovation Building Blocks.

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Our Values

We believe companies are built on ideas, people and principles.

Our value footprint is:

  • People First : We believe and invest in people of value and in the value of people.
  • Italian ingenuity: We believe the italian creativity and the “make in Italy” can still significantly contribute to change our society and the world for the better.
  • Partner of choice: We build long-lasting customer relationships founded on mutual respect, trust and reliability.
  • Problem solving: We bring effective results by solving real problems in a sustainable ecosystem for the business, the social and the environment.

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Job Description

The candidate will be working on innovative projects in which various technologies will be used.

The candidate will be part of an ongoing project and will be involved in the analytical and design part.


The ideal candidate should have the following skills:

  • Java Enterprise
  • Web Services REST
  • Good knowledge of SQL and relational DB
  • Knowledge of Apache web server
  • Familiarity with Unix operative systems

Teamwork and problem solving skills are highly appreciated.





Working hours

Full Time

Type of contract

Based on Experience

Deadline for applications

We’ll accept applications sent up to day:
June 30, 2021

Application for the position of Java developer

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Application for the position of Java developer

Please complete the form below to apply for a position with us.